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Welcome to our site of truly environmental friendly "green" reusable pizza boxes.

The Hybrid Pizza Box, HPB, is used for take-out or delivery of pizza by customers. 
Not only reduce your carbon footprint -but get a better quality pizza? 
YES - A reusable box can eliminate over 125 pounds of one-time use cardboard over its life and 100% recyclable at "end-of-life".
Our line of multi-use boxes are all made in the U.S.A.
The Hybrid Pizza Box has similiar heat retention qualities to a traditional cardboard box without the disposal hassle.

                   3 sizes: 10-12", 14-16" and 16-18" all $12.95 each 

Partner with your favorite pizzeria or customer for acceptance and use of -reusable pizza boxes, ask your pizzeria about reuse savings, make it a community effort, get involved!
Pizza Therapy News: we are a legend in the pizza industry, check out this new interview, "click here for Interview" 

            Find Pizza Restaurants that accept reusable pizza boxes, 
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 All restaurants that are listed have opted in to accepting reusable
                       pizza boxes for the transportation of their pizza product.

Check out our video1 demonstrates how easy it is to use at a pizza restaurant, video2 talks about its acceptability by consumers, video3 talks about usage and features and video4 is just for fun - a jello pizza using a Hybrid Pizza Box for the mold! Have you used your pizza box differently at a restaurant or in some fun multi-use way and like to share it?: Please submit your video to