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No cardboard waste, no cardboard taste, use a reusable pizza box
About Us
DMS Innovation was formed in 2008 when we created reusable pizza boxes designed to reduce cardboard waste due to one-time use cardboard pizza boxes. We offer a more environmentally sound product for the transport of delivery and take out pizzas through our 3 products the "consumer take-out" Hybrid Pizza Box, or our institutional models Pizza Pallet or Pizza Porter, all are reusable Pizza Boxes or customizing a product to suite the needs of a vendor or user. 

We believe in -REUSE- as a means to reduce carbon footprint of daily use items. One definition of Zero Waste is to eliminate waste before it is needed by utilizing something that is reusable time-after-time, for sustainability we no longer have the freedom of being a throw-away society.

Conformable - Innovative - Valued... the three fundamental principles of DMS Innovation, a company created to improve existing home and business processes within current standards and tools allowing improved functionality through ease-of-use, high-quality products. For more information about DMS Innovation, the Pizza Pallet, Pizza Porter or the Hybrid Pizza Box, please e-mail us at:

We appreciate your time and opinions on this topic. Please email us with any concerns or questions at the email address below.

Look who's talking "green pizza boxes"! Blondie and Dagwood, and we thought he was only into sandwiches. See more Blondie comic strips at:


Institutional use Pizza Porter or Pizza Pallet 
Consumer TakeOut and Delivery use Hybrid Pizza Box

DMS Innovation