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No cardboard waste, no cardboard taste, use a reusable pizza box

FundRaising Options

Congratulations to the Cal Aggie Band-uh! They are the first group from a University to participate in a reusable box sales fundraiser. Supported by the local Lamppost Pizza at 1260 Lake Blvd on the west side of Davis, oh, Davis, one of the greenest cities in the United States, I get it! Anyway, the band is independently operated and funded deriving all operational dollars through donations, grants, performances, direct sales of t-shirts, marching band CD's and raffles. Hence, they are now selling the reusable pizza boxes, supporting their needs, the communities historical dedication to sustainability and the campus efforts to be even more sustainable, see UC Davis Sustainability Report Card. If you love marching bands, want to reduce your one-time use cardboard usage and want to support a worthy music organization producing world-class music, contact the Band-uh! for your reusable pizza box today! Go Aggies!

Looking to grow your community greener, fund a project or group event and partner with business all at once.

We have what you are looking for! Creating a sales event for reusable pizza boxes adds uniqueness and awareness to your event. Printing the cover gives you long term exposure to your cause and your customers involvement as well as sponsors and participants.

Whether you are a school group, sustainable group, environmental charitable organization, trying to expand your community involvement making an us situation vs. a me-me-me situation teaming with consumers and business alike to improve your community? Perhaps you are a or recycle/reuse business or even a pizza business trying to add focus to your recycle efforts within your community or creating an outreach program to help reduce solid waste?

Well, look no more!

Here are some parameters for participation, give us a call or email: when you are ready to act:

Organization requirements

1.      must promote and sell/distribute boxes to community

2.      is responsible for collection and payment of all sales tax on all sales

3.      must determine after verifying sponsors and participants what one-color printing is to be applied to box cover, (remember life is 15 years so do not date your info)

4.      you can charge what you want, for simplicity, recommended retail is $12.95 each, for each 10-12", 14-16” and 16-18” units

5.      place additional orders allowing 4-7 business days to allow for printing

6.      must release sales, coordination, process information to DMS for its own promotional use