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No cardboard waste, no cardboard taste, use a reusable pizza box
Connections and More Information

 DMS Innovation invites you to become involved, both in our product lines as well as your community and other businesses.

Here are a few other
"green" themed or "pizza" sites, places to see our reusable pizza boxes in use and friends for other valuable offers and services:

    PizzaTherapy                 - Albert Grande is a pizza professional without the restaurant,  
                                         learn all about the industry and passionately making pizza 
                Check out our interview with The Pizza Promoter Albert Grande, "click here"

    Scotts Pizza Tours          - high energy, wealth of pizza comprehension and great pizza
                                        selections, both walking and bus tours, sign up before visiting 
    Wa$ted                        - Planet Green
 - Think that in order to go green, the changes 
                                        to your lifestyle must be extreme?  Think again... 
                                                     --- Wa$ted episode using our reusable boxes: watch for
                                                          reruns 2010 season, Once Upon a Sundae, episode 304 ---                 - World's largest directory of eco-friendly and holistic health products           - buy and sell eco-friendly, reuse and "green" products
    Len Cook Photograhy      - photograghy, business and personal
Thermal Bags by Ingrid   - heat retention bags for carrying pizza or other food items        
Gen Green Life               - Green living for business and personal


For transporting Pizza and appetizers - Institutional Pizza Porter or Pizza Pallet
- TakeOut or Delivery use Hybrid Pizza Box

DMS Innovation