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No cardboard waste, no cardboard taste, use a reusable pizza box

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MOMBO'S PIZZA, Santa Rosa & Sebastopol, CA
I've been selling the Re-usable Pizza Box for 3 months now and am beginning to see them come back into my restaurants on a daily basis. Even those who choose not to purchase them right away will often let us know that they intend to soon and say they appreciate our offering them. The goodwill it engenders alone makes it worth our while to carry them.
Fred Poulos

Palm Beach Kennel Club, West Palm Beach, FL
We use the box internally to transfer the pizza's from the kitchen area to the sales counter on the opposite side of the parlor. Once we got used to it, they have been working great for us. We just reordered and have not looked back at the old cardboard pizza boxes since.

Stone Hearth Pizza, Cambridge, MA
We received an award yesterday at the Natural Products Expo East for our Reusable Pizza Boxes! You would have been thrilled to see Johnathan and Chris accept this award! It was great recognition from fellow memebers of the sustainable community - Whole Foods, UNFI, The Organic Trade Association, FTSI and the National Coop Grocers Association
Alex Chamberlain
        Thanks Alex, we are thrilled and happy for your continued success!

For transporting Pizza and appetizers - Institutional use Pizza Porter or Pizza Pallet
 TakeOut or Delivery Consumer use Hybrid Pizza Box

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