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No cardboard waste, no cardboard taste, use a reusable pizza box
Why a Reusable Pizza Box
Carbon Footprint Reduction - Thinking Green

Our products comprise the "Environmentally Friendly Pizza Transport" system that we recommend consumers adopt to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their "GREEN" reuse instead of using a traditional one-time use cardboard pizza box. 

The life of a traditional pizza cardboard box has a one time one purpose use, carrying your pizza home from your favorite restaurant.

Beyond manufacture, the carbon footprint of cardboard pizza boxes includes:
1. Raw material delivery
2. Multiple handling at manufacturing plant
3. Finished product to warehouse
4. Warehouse to sales distribution
5. Sales distribution to recipient distribution or transfer station
6. Recipient distributor to restaurant
7. Customer takes home
8. Waste pickup
9. Waste transfer
10. Final waste compression or recycle
This is for each box, each use and happens at least 2 billion times annually.
Some Interesting News

New tip from a Hybrid Pizza Box owner:
To keep the dust off the Hybrid Pizza Box when storing in the car trunk between uses, put it into an old pillow case. It is washable and keeps the box free from dust.

A single cardboard pizza box requires 135 ounces of water to process according to the Tappan Journal

San Francisco, Canada, Minnesota have adopted new ordinances that address reuse and acceptable products for transporting products.

Why Not?

We reuse:

  • Grocery bags
  • Clothing
  • Clothes bags and hangers
  • Drink cups
  • Serving trays at restaurants
  • Salt, pepper and ketchup in restaurants
  • Water Bottles
  • Coffe Mugs
  • Inkjet and Laserjet cartridges

What else can you add, email: to include your reuse items!


The Hybrid Pizza Box, Pizza Porter or the Pizza Pallet are both designed for reuse, easy cleaning, compact storage and can be used over and over again. Thus eliminating the multiple processes and mass quantities of both solid waste and the personnel time associated to traditional cardboard lifecycle options. As the Pizza Pallet, Pizza Porter and Hybrid Pizza Box reach their "end of life" they can be recycled into some other product. 

Our reusable green pizza boxes leave no cardboard taste or aroma with the pizza, cleans easily in the sink, uses less water to clean than the repetitive manufacture process of a cardboard box and stores easily on top/side of the refrigerator, baking pan cabinet, car trunk or garage cabinet!

    All of our base materials for United States sales are developed and made in the United States of BPA Free HIPS plastic or PP. All modifications and manufacturing is completed in the United States.