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No cardboard waste, no cardboard taste, use a reusable pizza box
Comparison Charts
Chart 1: Moisture of pizza difference between reusable box and one-time use cardboard box

        Pizza's were 16" regular crust pepperoni pizza weighed at preparation, after being 
        cooked and after being boxed for 30 minutes. Each pizza had 8 cut slices prior to boxing.

                        Cardboard Box            Hybrid Pizza            BoxPizza Porter 
Pre-cook weight       1359 grams              1359 grams              1359 grams
Cooked and sliced    1254 grams              1290 grams              1270 grams
30 minutes in box    1220 grams              1260 grams              1244 grams
Moisture grams/       152.5 grams             157.5 grams            155.5 grams
per slice

Findings reflect that the moisture content is about 1/10 of 1 ounce more in each pizza slice transported in reusable pizza boxes than in traditional one-time use boxes, just enough to improve take-out pizza taste, looks and reheating. (Disclaimer: Results will vary with different crusts.)
In a blind taste test after the pizza's were in the box for 1.5 hours, 80% of tasters preferred the reusable box pizza, participants claiming the pizza looked and tasted fresher and warmer from the reusable box (after disclosure), it was not as dry.

Chart 2: Heat retention of a reusable box vs. a one-time use cardboard box, no carriers used.

        The following chart is a heat loss comparison between the Pizza Pallet and a Cardboard Pizza
        Box. (Ambient room air temperature was 70-72 degrees in both tests. Comparison is between 
        a 16" Cardboard box and a 16" Pizza Porter and a 16" Hybrid Pizza Box. The term was 45 minutes 
        with the temperatures being checked every 5 minutes. Pizza was the same 16" size pepperoni 
        pizza from the same restaurant.
Time Change
Pizza Porter or Hybrid Pizza Box Cardboard Pizza Box
Pizza Temp In Box Ambient Pizza Temp In Box Ambient
Out of Oven 183 degrees 107 degrees 186 degrees 106 degrees
5 Minutes 173 degrees 105 degrees 169 degrees 105 degrees
10 Minutes 159 degrees 104 degrees 156 degrees 101 degrees
15 Minutes 151 degrees 103 degrees 143 degrees 100 degrees
20 Minutes 143 degrees 100 degrees 133 degrees 98 degrees
25 Minutes 133 degrees 92 degrees 125 degrees 94 degrees
30 Minutes 124 degrees 89 degrees 118 degrees 92 degrees
35 Minutes 117 degrees 84 degrees 112 degrees 89 degrees
40 Minutes 112 degrees 82 degrees 107 degrees 86 degrees
45 Minutes 106 degrees 80 degrees 104 degrees 84 degrees

Institutional use Pizza Porter - Consumer use Hybrid Pizza Box

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