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Reusable Pizza Box for the 21st Century


Our reusable pizza boxes improve the look and taste of your take home pizza. Try our new models Archie and Arty today!


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The Reusable Pizza Box Story


Experienced and Reliable

We have been refining this product for 8 years. We produce a totally functional competitive box for pizza carry-out that is durable and economical.


We Truly Care

Yes we do, we stopped early model production. Although for personal use, some people are still using those original boxes, it was not fit for heavy or commercial use. We listened and have modified our new product to your expectation and demand.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are looking for a reuse pizza box solution for home, restaurant, or event pizza/food transportation, we are here for you with a sustainable viable and even futuristic product to suite your need.


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Watch for us at nearby Pizza Restaurants, "green" shows and Trade Events. Let us know your favorite pizza restaurants and lets get them thinking REUSE!

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